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Join As An Artist Member

Membership is free

Membership allows you access to

  • An industry voice

  • A wellness panel

  • Connect’d meetings

  • Loyalty membership

  • Angel investor fund

  • All other financial services products 

  • All Arts Capital empowerment projects

Join As An Angel Investor

For only R100 per month

Arts Capital would like to give you the opportunity to adopt an artist and in so doing, contribute to the betterment of the economic and social circumstances of such an artist. This will ensure that our artists start enjoying a more positive career and a better life as they continue to create enjoyment and entertainment for us.

You can choose your artist or allow Arts Capital to select an artist of their choice.

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Join As A Service Provider

For only 1 hour per month

Your Call To Action 

Arts Capital is looking to expand it's network of various professional services, including General Practitioners, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Labour Consultants etc.

The Network is based on agreements between Arts Capital and the specific professional. The professional offers an hour per month of their time to an artist at no cost. This will be done in a very systematic way by which the artist redeems a voucher with Arts Capital to consult to a professional. We will be in charge of these appointments and will assure the membership authenticity.

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