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Arts Capital is a non-profit membership organization that was founded in 2016 with the aim of addressing the specific needs of artists. Recognising that artists often face challenges because of the financially unsustainable framework of the industry.

Arts Capital has taken on the important task of establishing an alternative economy for the arts sector.


The team behind Arts Capital is composed of highly motivated and experienced individuals who are passionate about supporting artists. They understand the unique struggles faced by artists and are dedicated to creating opportunities for them to thrive. One of the key goals of Arts Capital is to provide artists with the necessary support to pursue their creative endeavours.


By offering various resources, Arts Capital aims to empower artists and help them bring their artistic visions to life. Additionally, Arts Capital recognises the societal importance of artists and seeks to address the neglect they often face. Through their initiatives, they aim to raise awareness about the value of the arts and advocate for the recognition and support that artists deserve.


Overall, Arts Capital is committed to building an inclusive and sustainable arts ecosystem, by offering financial assistance, resources, and advocacy. They strive to create an environment where artists can flourish and contribute to the cultural enrichment of society.


Arts Capital will become the voice for the artists.


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and together let's change the lives within our arts sector.

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