Who we are

Arts Capital is a non-profit membership organisation established in 2016 to respond to the need of artists. Arts Capital consist of a highly motivated and experienced team that has taken on the challenge to create an alternative economy for the art sector.

Why we do it

Our artists are often the most neglected stars in our society. Despite the value and impact of the arts sector the landscape is marred by artists remaining economically, socially and politically marginalised.

Varied efforts have been embarked on to address the various social-economic and systematic issues of the sector by private, public and other NGO organisations. With the best of intentions, the impact of these efforts have been diluted and often not sustained primarily due to the following:

*Lack of funding
*The inadequacies of business models employed
*The lack of regulatory framework to provide the necessary guidelines for the industry
*The power and influence yielded by a collective voice for the shared vision and need have not been cultivated.

What we do

Arts Capital responds to a myriad of complexities in the arts sector and do this with two main focus areas:

* Advocacy on behave of our members
* The general holistic wellness of our member

How we do it

Arts Capital has developed an unique proposition for artists through leveraging relationships and partnerships with various stakeholders in the economy. We are embarking on a number of special projects to sustain, employ and empower artists economically and otherwise. 

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    Colin Daries
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    Jana Hattingh
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